Customer-Centric Culture

At Tennessee Real Properties we stand by the customer-focused core value. We offer concierge-style service. You are THAT important to us.
As a mother to three kids, wife to one husband and provider for four horses, I understand how to zero in on what’s essential and what is not. You deserve that precision in a realtor.  I won’t waste your time with properties that don’t fit your list or your budget. That’s the thing. I am the woman who gets the job done.

Stephanie Cross - Broker
Stephanie Cross - Focused on Your Success
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Focused on Your Success!

The thing is this. I want your choice of a home or homesite to be either the place that you want to be forever or your ideal investment property. Either way. Your success is not just a thing to me, it’s the only thing. That’s why choosing Tennessee Real Properties is the best first step to finding your right property.
As a lifelong athlete, I understand competition. The bigger the challenge the more I’m determined to win. When I’m working for you it’s like the barrel racing I love. Fast. Furious. Focused. The greater the challenges, the closer they come, the more focused I become. I read…a lot and study all angles. I am knowledgeable and inventive. I pay attention. When the time is right, I apply that knowledge to find the best property fit for you.

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On Task and On Time

As an archer (yes, as in bow and arrow) I know that a steady breath and steady hand are essential to hitting a bullseye. And I don’t miss.
The outdoors and wide-open spaces are my heart and soul.  When I’m looking for open land or farmland for you, I know what you want and how to find it.

Stephanie Cross - On Task and On Time

The Largest and Most Diversified Inventory

We can show you the largest, most diversified, and most well-rounded inventory of premium horse properties, land, and farms on the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee.

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Land and Farms for Sale

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Commercial Properties For Sale

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